Hebei guoqian cable co.,ltd, was founded in 1986, specializing in the production of various submersible motor winding wire, after 20 years of exploration and struggle, various varieties of production covers the use of submersible pump, water resistance, oil resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, resistance to acid alkali and salt products all kinds of environment. And made a number of national patents.
The company is the first to polypropylene insulation materials modified by use of submersible motor winding line, the main drafting of the revised JB/T4014 standard unit, the revised version of the JB/T4014.3 is the basis for the company's more than 10 years of enterprise standards, the company is the Hebei Provincial Quality Supervision Institute designated inspection unit. The products are sold all over the country and have been exported to many countries and regions, such as Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and so on.
Through the introduction of advanced production technology and professional development, professional production equipment, testing equipment purchased with high precision, the cultivation of professional technical force and high-quality occupation team, professional and rigorous quality assurance system and production management system, and through ISO9001-2015 international quality system certification, the company's leading equipment industry. The domestic first-class, continuous annealing line Mary, intelligent medium wire drawing annealing unit, 500 type 300 type tube type stranding machine, can ensure the measurement accuracy and the flexibility of the special coating line of professional development, classification, distribution, reach the special plane, special issue dedicated, overcome a machine factory is used problems of unstable quality, and equipped with on-line detection of fault alarm, man-machine interface, extruding, diameter measurement and advanced production lines, a fine The exact rewinding equipment and complete test equipment have scientific mixing equipment to meet the needs of different uses. We have been working hard, we firmly believe that only make efforts, Yongpangaofeng scientific concept, technical strength and advanced production equipment and professional production, high quality products to the professional.
The company specializing in the production of the following into the motor winding wire: polyethylene insulated nylon sheathed type (PE+PA), high strength polypropylene insulation class (PP), XLPE insulated nylon sheath (PE2+PA), submersible motor winding wire (YF), high temperature resistant wire winding (150 C level), high voltage winding wire (kV, 10 kV level), frequency of submersible motor winding wire and special acid alkali salt special winding wire, product specification: single core 0.3mm- Phi Phi 6.0mm, stranded, 7/0.5mm-7/1.5mm, 19/0.5mm-19/1.5mm, a full range to meet customer demand for product types. The implementation of scientific management, more than by quality, preferential price, punctual delivery, pre-sales customer service to provide a full range of services, to create value for customers, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, we will carry forward the cause, our friendship will last forever.

Li Chongzhao, general manager of Shahe diving wire factory, and all the staff to the old and new customers with heartfelt thanks!

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